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Insect & Animal Repellant

Mouse or Rat Repellant

Completely safe product to rid yourself of those unwanted pests.  Is in a granular form. 

Mosquito Repellant

Granular & Liquid:  Made of a natural biodegradable formula that repels Mosquitoes without deet.

Snake Repellant

Granular:  All-natural snake repellant that works on most snakes. 

Dog & Cat Repellant

Granular & Liquid: All-natural formula safely repels dogs and cats. 

Deer & Rabbit Repellant

All-natural formula keeps Deer and Rabbits away from your valuable plants.  

Mole and Gopher Repellant

All-natural formula helps deter Moles and Gophers from your yard.

Armadillo Repellant

All-natural formula helps keep those pesky Armadillo’s from digging up your lawn. 

Raccoon and Squirrel Repellant

All-natural formula helps keep them away from your bird seed and trash cans.