OxyOrange®  is a patented green cleaning product, which can handle majority of your cleaning needs.  It combines the natural power of hydrogen peroxide with the grime fighting ability and fresh scent of d-limonene which is extracted directly from oranges.

OxyOrange®  reduces toxicity by eliminating the harsh chemicals commonly used in janitorial cleaners and better yet, it's environmentally friendly too.

OxyOrange® Products


Use on mirrors, windows, and stainless steel.

OxyOrange® Ready To Use

Use on sinks, toilets, walls, tables, chairs, desks, clothes, etc.


Removes mold and mildew stains, also helps keep the treated area clean for extended periods of time.


Specially formulated for cleaning in freezers.

OxyOrange® Truck Wash

Used to clean road grime from large fleets.

OxyOrange® Soy

Our green cleaner with Soy and Peroxide as the main ingredients.

OxyOrange® Pine

Our green cleaner with Pine Extract and Peroxide as the main ingredients.